Monitoring Software

SentryPC Monitoring Software

SentryPC is the best monitoring software for businesses on a budget because it’s affordable, it’s easily scalable and you’re not bound by user minimums.

The software is easy to use, and its features include content filtering and blocking, website and application monitoring, time and activity tracking, and keystroke logging. Its downsides are limited operating system compatibility and a limited number of screenshots.

sentrypc monitoring software

SentryPC is the most affordable employee monitoring solution, with six cloud-based plans, low per-user rates and screenshot add-on capabilities. It tracks which websites and apps workers access, filters content and detects portable drives.

Pros of SentryPC

  • SentryPC has extensive features, including geofencing for specific devices.
  • The system can be installed remotely and uninstalled with a single mouse click.
  • The vendor provides free updates for the lifetime of your subscription.


  • SentryPC doesn’t work on mobile devices, Chromebooks or Linux machines.
  • Beyond the standard 500 screenshots, saving another 500 costs $19.95, with no option to purchase fewer than that.


SentryPC has an ordered and colorful interface, packed with practical touches like a notification queue for administrators to view new alerts. It can  block websites and raise alerts if anything untoward is logged, with an extensive array of customizable features tracking everything from print jobs and file transfers to keystrokes and portable devices.

SentryPC Features

Extensive monitoringMonitor everything from webchat to print queues.
Reporting capabilitiesBreak down key alerts for easy review.
Time management toolsEmploy basic time and attendance monitoring.
Geolocation monitoringFind stolen devices or AWOL staff.
Content filtering and blockingSet up blanket or employee-specific restrictions.

Overall Value

We recommend SentryPC for:

  • Companies on a tight budget that don’t want to pay a premium for monitoring tools.
  • Managers who like the idea of free cloud-delivered updates during their subscription.
  • Businesses where tracking a specific device’s movements is valuable or necessary.
  • Admins who want a clean, uncluttered dashboard with key information clearly visible.