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ESPN Host is a leading web hosting solutions company provider. In addition, since our founding in 2007, ESPN Host has continually innovated new ways to deliver on our mission. To empower people to fully harness the web.

Our Company

ESPN Host® is based in New York, The USA, we provide comprehensive tools to millions of users throughout the world. Thus novice or pro can get on the web and thrive with our web host companies. Our goal is to provide customers with a fully-featured hosting package, backed by top customer service and powered by renewable green energy. ESPN Host is an established, privately owned company and a leader in high-value, low-cost hosting. Our Company has built a solid reputation. For instance, our commitment to security and reliability, therefore the best in customer support. We aim to treat our family well, and strive to provide uninterrupted service and comprehensive educational resources for everyone of us.

About Espn Host

It’s not just about getting people online. It’s about creating a better, safer web for everyone in the process and we invest in countless open source projects to help push the internet to its full potential for everyone

We promote web hosting services and do all we can to foster a safe place where the young and old, novice and pro, can fully harness the web to accomplish great things.

Our Team

ESPN Host® Web hosting services was founded by Tony Correa and Ben DuPont in New York, The USA. Our vast team is dedicated to helping our customers around the clock, 24/7 so that we can be the best web hosting company to our customers and at all times.

Co-founder of ESPN Host, Harvard Graduted. Mc Karthy is our Co-Founder in our company. Web Hosting
Harvard Graduate

Sara Mc Karthy


Founder of ESPN Host founder alongside Tony Correa, they teamed up and founded this awesome company for website hosting services. Web Hosting

Ben DuPont


Founder of ESPN Host Tony Correa alongside Ben Dupont, they collaborated to run this awesome comapany about website hosting services. Web Hosting

Tony Correa